As far as men’s hairstyle trends go, things don’t move all that fast. Short sides and longer on top has been in for a while now, with men’s hair steering clear of anything too spiked or heavy on product and leaning towards more natural yet textured styles. For spring 2014, Z Zegna’s runway show gave us one such textured look that borders modern and classic, with a pulled-forwards wave and short sides.

We couldn’t help but love this men’s hairstyle, which is why we went to our resident hair guru Annika Bowen to find out how to recreate this look. Check out the complete how-to guide right after the break.

men's textured front waves

How to: Z Zegna men’s textured front waves

Before anything else you need to have a haircut that’s similar to that of the models in the Z Zegna show. A short trip to your hairstylist will do the trick. Just keep in mind that the sides should be short (your stylist can do this by using scissors over a comb or with a clipper guard in number 2 or 3) with the top section in a longer, disconnected length. Once you have the right haircut, it’ll be easier for you to style your hair.

textured mens front waves hairstyle

Start off by applying sea salt spray onto your hair then dry it off. This will give your hair the texture it needs.
At the front hair line, take a horizontal section and spray it with a workable hairspray (something not too sticky or shiny will do). This will hold your hair style.
Using straightening irons straighten first section you just sprayed with hairspray down.
Take the next horizontal section but this time straighten it upward. Continue alternating like this to each horizontal section that follows.

textured mens front waves hairstyle

Once you reach the crown and finished straightening technique, take a matte wax or clay to put fix your hairstyle into place. Rub it through your hands to warm it up and make pliable. Make your hands (with the wax) go through your hair and work it from left to right. To get the height in the top sections, use your finger tips to pull your hair upward.

Variations: afro hair.

For curly or afro styling, do the same steps but skip the straightening iron. Just slightly comb each section of your hair. Be careful not to overdo is so your hair doesn’t frizz too much.

Texture can do wonders for you especially when it comes to your hairstyle. Gone are the days when men had a standard haircut, today, guys are free to try out different styles. As daunting a task it may seem, it has it benefits, after all, who doesn’t want to look good?

If you want to check out a similar style but with a side parting, head to our textured side hair for men tutorial.

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