How to: the messy bun at Marni

As we enter a more relaxed season, specifically spring / summer, it’s only natural that we get comfortable with the less uptight looks. As we temporarily do away with our winter garb, we welcome effortless, messy up dos that clearly reflect the characteristics of the new season.

These hairstyles were seen in the different fashion shows for spring / summer 2013 and a stand out was that of Marni. The messy bun featured on the show is a 2013 hairstyle that anyone can easily pull off. This is a hairstyle that relies on the side part which is also a hair trend for this year. Organic, effortless and very real are some words that best describe this up do created by hairstylist Paul Hanlon and we are lucky enough to have a how to for this look which you can read after the break.

messy bun

Melbourne hairstylist Annika Bowen happily walked us through the steps on how to get this messy bun:

How to: messy bun hairstyle

Prepping the hair is most important. This style is great if you don’t have time to wash your hair and it’s a bit dirty and already been styled a few days prior. This means you will already have natural texture in your hair which will help hold the style. If you have oily roots, use a product like Tigi Catwalk Session Series Dry Shampoo: spray this from roots to end to achieve beautiful texture, freshness and matte look.

If you’re working from freshly washed hair: use a gritty product like Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost or Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. You can use both products on wet and dry hair. Use a hair dryer on low to dry products into hair to achieve the desired texture and hold. This will give you that matte dirty hair feeling.

If you are letting your hair dry naturally just towel dry really well. Shake your fingers through your hair and then spray salt spray through mid lengths and ends. You can tie your hair up in a messy bun to help create movement and texture. Let hair out again once it’s almost dried and then scrunch to enhance natural movement.

messy bun hair

Once hair is prepped you can start styling by creating a side part using your finger. Remember this is a messy bun so you don’t want a sharp parting. Having your hair a bit frizzy or fly away also works on your favor. Use your finger tips to flatten your hair slightly and then brush down to the sides and back.

Now it’s time to work with a fringe section. Take a section of your hair in front and use a pin curl clip to help hold a fringe section (your bangs / loose strands in the front section) away and across your face. Spray with a hair spray (Annika suggests Tigi Session Series Work It Hairspray), this will give you control and shape the fringe section.

pinned fringe messy bun

The outcome of this look depends on your hair length but you can also create this look even if you have short hair. If medium to long, it’s best to pull hair into a pony tail at center nape of head. Use your fingers to slightly tease. To do this grab bottom of ponytail with one hand and use other hand/fingers to push hair up to where hair elastic is tied.

If your hair is short to medium and you don’t have heaps of hair to put in ponytail, you can still do this but will need more bobby pins to hold everything in place.

Now it’s time to make the bun: You can then either twist your hair and tie it into a knot or grab ends of hair and make a fist and roll hair up and into a bun on top of hair elastic.

For shorter hair: Use your fingers to brush hair into a low ponytail and hold with one hand. Slowly twist and grab hair to make a ball of hair in your fist. Secure this with pins. (Tip – where you are holding hair with your fingers, place bobby pins there first. Then swap hands to see how loose it is and where more hold/pins are needed.)

It doesn’t really matter if you missed a bit and have slightly messy strands sticking out. Assess your hair with a back mirror and pin hair you don’t want sticking out back out of sight if desired. If you think your hair is too clean, then you can lightly pull on some areas or sections to create a messier look.

Secure your hairstyle with a hairspray that’s a brush-able one (like Tigi Session Series Work It). This will give your hair a natural shine and hold it without being to strong like a lacquer.

Finish this look off by taking out the pin curl clip on fringe section.

messy bun

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