High neck blouses, brocade and nipped waist dresses were the focus in Karen Walker’s fall 2012 collection. To add contrast to the Victorian romance vibe from the clothes was the ’50s style pompadour hair that was given a modern and messy twist. The half-up half-down messy hairstyle may scream rock ‘n’ roll but the mile high pompadour is all about being classic and timeless. If you need a new and quick way of styling your hair, scroll down to learn more about the modern messy pompadour hairstyle.

Not all women are brave enough to wear this kind of fall 2012 hairstyle but for those who are, good for you. This is actually a good way of adding a couple of inches to your height because you can style up your pompadours as high as you can! This modern, messy pompadour hairstyle is actually very easy to do on your own so read on to find out how.

How to: modern messy pompadour hairstyle

Blow dry your hair and smooth it out by back combing with a large brush. After drying, spray on a thickening spray to keep the back combing together. At Karen Walker, Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray was used.
Smooth the sides of the hair behind the ear and hold it with a clip or pins. Keep on backcombing the top portion of the hair until it is in a pompadour shape that you like. Spray on a soft hold styling tool on the roots to keep the pompadour shape intact.
You want your hair to look natural and a little bit messy and not too constructed so with your fingers, separate sections in your pompadour using a styling wax and finish off the look with a hair powder (at Karen Walker the team used Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder) to give texture to your hair.

half up pompadour

Now, put on the attitude and rock n roll with your awesome hair!

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