Duct tape: one of man’s greatest inventions and latest hair accessory? It was Alexander Wang who started it all, turning a simple ponytail into a very futuristic hairstyle by adding a strip of duct tape in the center part. Ingenious? Yes, as genius as those who invented the duct tape. Judging by the effect the duct tape hairstyle had on the runway, it’s not surprising to see another version of it and this time the wonder tape was seen on a minimalist triple ponytail at the Independent Runway show during the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

LMFF Hair Directors and L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassadors Caterina Di Biase and Brad Ngata designed the hairstyle for the show, envisaging a use of black duct tape in a way that’s more wearable and accessible as a 2013 hairstyle than the one at Alexander Wang. The look was described as “new minimalism” and combines the two different textures or wet and dry. As streamlined as this look is, it’s not very hard to do and we’ve got the steps right after the break.

duct tape ponytail

How to: minimalist triple ponytai

The first thing you’ll need to do is to straighten your hair with a hair iron. For this look L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod was used to achieve that sleek and straight modern look.
Next step is to create the three ponytails down the center of your head. Because this hairstyle has two different textures, you’ll have to start working on the lower sections first. The first, a small section at the nape, and the second, between the crown and nape.
For the topmost ponytail, the one on the crown, you’ll need to create that wet look. Mix equal parts of Tecni.Art Liss Control, Full Volume Extra mousse and Fix Max gel into a bowl for grip, hold and a sleek wet effect. Apply this starting at the roots with a color brush then comb the whole section into a ponytail just below the crown. Keep combing to get a seamless finish and to spread the product evenly.
For that futuristic look you will need some duct or electrical tape. Cover exposed elastics with tape and add an extra band of tape in between the two elastics to join the ponytails together.

triple ponytail duct tape

Finish the look by adding extra shine with a healthy dose of Tecni.Art Crystal Gloss in the lengths only.

triple ponytail

Today’s modern and fast paced lifestyle requires quick and easy hairstyles. This look is one of those. Easy yet still very chic, it’s a hairstyle for those who want to be unique and edgy.

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