How to: the origami chignon

In every fashion show, it is important that there is an overall union between the clothes and the styling. For the Bec & Bridge show at Australian fashion week (MBFWA) it was the task of ghd to create a spring 2013 hairstyle that would compliment the brand’s collection.

The collection was very much oriental inspired which is why an origami-like chignon was created by Alan White for the show. Fun, unique, and sophisticated, the hairstyle mixed the stark shapes of origami with a modern texture and tousle. You can recreate this chic East-meets-West hairstyle for yourself by following the steps after the break.

origami chignon

How to: Bec and Bridge origami chignon

Start by prepping damp hair with ghd total volume foam to help you in styling.
Next, blow dry through using ghd air. Direct hair away from the face towards the crown of the head using a ghd natural bristle radial brush. This will smooth out any kinks and bumps and to add extra volume.

To smoothen your hair once it’s dried, apply ghd smooth and finish serum to the hair distributing the product from the roots to the mid-lengths.

Gather the hair into a pony tail just below the crown of the head and secure with a hair elastic. Add an extra pump of ghd smooth and finish serum into the ends of the ponytail to keep everything in place.
to enhance shine
Separate the ponytail into two sections and tie these into a knot, ensuring both sections remain smooth. If your hair is too long you can knot the ponytail twice.

Secure the knot around the base of the ponytail using bobby pins and leave the ends free.

Flatten the free ends with a straightening iron to give them that origami shape. Finish your hairstyle with ghd final shine spray for extra shine.

Origami is a an art form appreciated all over the world and when you use it for a hairstyle the result is nothing short of gorgeous. This hairstyle is a great variation of the chignon giving it a unique twist that’s perfect for the modern times.

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