“They’re very elegant clothes and Miuccia Prada wanted it to be broken a little bit,” said Guido Palau, Creative Consultant for Redken, backstage at Prada’s spring 2013 show. “I just did a kind of classic french twist – but then I took the ends of the girls’ hair and brought if forwards so it’s like a bang… Wispy bits, to make it more boyish.”

It’s not surprising for the typically subversive Prada to want to break the traditional elegance in a small but significant way. The surprise is always in how she chooses to do it. The collection did it with boxy cuts, Oriental nods, and thick, flower-studded glasses. Guido’s hairstyle did the rest.

And it’s a 2013 hairstyle that’s simple enough to create for yourself. Elegant from the back but broken by the wispy ‘boyish’ faux fringe, it has a kind of contradictory cool factor. Find out the steps for creating the style after the break.

Start by applying a volumizer to slightly damp hair to give it some body or volume. The team at Prada used Redken’s Rootful 07.
Blow-dry your hair roughly: do this by using your hands to comb through your hair in slight zigzag motions.
This look has slightly lifted roots and to get this, take some Redken Quick Tease 15 backcombing spray and apply it all over your hair. Make sure you pay more attention to the roots of your hair.
Create some lift in the roots of your hair by combing it upwards using your hands. This will look as if you’re pulling your hair.
Smooth hair with a boar-bristle brush but still keep your roots slightly teased or lifted.
Gather your hair right above the nape and twist is to create a French twist. Instead of hiding the ends and creating a bun, make it go over the crown of your head down to your forehead giving you a nice set of bangs.

prada hairstyle how to

Using bobby pins, secure your twist.

prada hair how to

Now it’s time to work on your new set of bangs. Arrange them going to one side and use a super strength hairspray, such as Redken Forceful 23, to hold your bangs in place.

prada faux fringe spring 2013

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