Robert Downey Jr. is admired by many for his amazing acting chops, but also because he was able to rise above his personal turmoils to become one of the highest paid superheroes of all time. Reprising his role as the playboy-billionaire Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 (which is in theaters right now), the whole world is afflicted by RDJ mania once again. Mr. Stark is back after his stint as an Avenger and not only does he have a couple of new “toys”, he also has a killer new hairstyle.

The great thing about this men’s hairstyle is that it’s easy, wearable, and can work on guys of various ages, tastes, and hair types. With the expert help of Melbourne based hairstylist Annika Bowen, you can now have his Tony Stark hairstyle for yourself. Read on after the break for the complete how to including cut and style.

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr hairstyle how to

How to: Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 3 hairstyle

The cut

To get things started you will need to get the Tony Stark cut from your hairstylist. Here are the steps, or if you already have a compatible cut you can skip to the styling instructions below.

mens hair tutorial iron man 3

Take horse shoe section from recession to recession and leave the top section for time being.
Then starting at the front hair line (either side), take diagonal back sections. Cut perpendicular or at a 90 degree elevation at about one fingers depth (just over 1 cm). Continue this technique, working your way around the head.
Once you’ve reached the back, continue the same technique on the other side.

Tip: make sure you don’t cut into your guide line when you come around the back of what you have previously cut.

Connect crown section from the top into the back length, so it blends. Then at the top section, take horizontal partings. Elevate hair straight up from the head and cut square.

Tip: if the front section is too long for the client, elevate hair forward and cut off corner at front.

Dry the hair off and check the hair cut (deep pointing can be used throughout the top to create texture and scissor over comb to slightly blend sides to top). Cut around ears and clean the hairline but if desired.

Robert Downey Jr Hairstyle how to

How to style the Iron Man 3 hairstyle

Now, this is where you come in. Styling this type of hair is fairly easy and can be done in a few steps.

First thing you should do is to apply grooming cream to towel dried hair and then find the side parting using a comb (Robert Downey Jr’s is on his left side).
Next dry your hair with a hair dryer: dry your hair from above. Keeping in mind that the sides should be kept back and down and the top section more forward. Dry the front section upward and try to keep parting you created earlier.
Once your hair is dried, fix the parting again and apply wax with hands using the same direction as how you dried it.
Use your hands to fix your hair into place. Keep the sides of your hair back or down flat while the crown area should be slightly down but coming forward. The front section should be kept up.

Products to use

To create this hairstyle, Annika recommends using TIGI B for Men Multi-Tasking Grooming Cream (for both styling and as a cutting agent) and TIGI B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man hairstyle

Tony Stark is a very dynamic character who takes risks and is always ready to face the world. You don’t need to be a superhero or an A-list star to rock this hairstyle though, you just have to be confident in yourself.

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