One of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling has truly gone a long way since his Mickey Mouse Club days. Aside from his acting skills, Mr. Gosling is known for his impeccable style that makes women from all over the world swoon. He kicks off this year with a movie set in the 1940s-50s. Gangster Squad will be shown in theaters soon and with a roster of incredibly talented actors, it’s creating quite a buzz.

There is another thing that caught our eye: Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle in this movie. Smart, prim and proper yet with a tough undertone, this is a look that a lot of men will surely love to have as their 2013 hairstyle. Check out the how-to for this vintage inspired look after the break.

ryan gosling hair tutorial

How to: Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad hairstyle

The first thing you have to consider is you haircut. For this particular hairstyle you need a cut that’s square on the sides and top. There is minimal texture on the hair and the sides are basically shorter than the crown and front. If you don’t have a cut that’s shorter at the sides and with a bit of length on top, you’ll probably need to visit your barber and ask for one before you can create this style.
Now it’s time for the styling: take some grooming cream and apply it all over your hair. Grooming cream makes your hair shiny and makes everything hold. Your best bet is to rub the cream between your palms first and then use your hands to work it in well throughout the hair.
Next, blow dry your hair using your hands until is half-dried.
Take a comb and then continue blow drying your hair, combing the front of your hair backwards as you do. This will help to create volume.
Once it’s completely dry, add more hold and shine by putting on some hair wax all over your hair. Again take a small amount at a time, work it into your palms and then style it through your hair with your hands.
Finish this look off by taking your comb and creating a nice side part (Ryan Gosling does it on the left, and not too deep – i.e. a little closer to the center). You can also comb the front part of your hair towards the back if you think you need more volume there.

ryan gosling hair gangster squad

This look is a perfect combination of movie star and old school LA cop. Wear it with as much confidence as Ryan Gosling does and you’ll surely not go unnoticed.

For another variation on side-parted hair for men – this time a more sleek, shiny interpretation – you can also see our tutorial for men’s side-slicked hair by following that link.

Photos: Warner Bros

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