How to: men’s side slicked hair

More often than not, the laid back look is something that most men prefer but there are certain occasions when a more serious or clean hairstyle is preferred. Refined and slick, this look from the Iceberg fall / winter 2013 runway is one that is suitable for the office, a dinner event or even a date that’s on the more formal side. But that’s not to say you can’t wear it casually as a hairstyle in 2013, either.

Though it may seem like this hairstyle is too time consuming, you can get it in a few easy steps. Thanks to out regular collaborator and hair guru Annika Bowen, we have the how to for this side-slick look right after the break.

mens side slicked hair

How to: men’s side-slick look

To get this look right, you need to start with towel dried or damp hair. Apply salt spray which will give a light pliable hold to the hair, controlling fizz and fight humidity. Annika recommends a product like Tigi Sessions Series Salt Spray.
Using a hair dryer, dry in product and direct hair into position: create a side part then dry the hair to the sides and from the crown dry back down.

side slick hair

Once hair is dried, comb into style again. Take some wet look gel and apply a fair amount on your hair (Annika suggests the amount to be a blob about 1 inch in diameter). Rub the product through your hands first and wipe down on hair. You may have to apply more gel in some sections depending on how thick and how slick you want your hair to be.

You can use any wet look gel for this hairstyle but Annika Suggests Tigi’s Session Series Wet Look Gel. This product is non-flaking and lasts the whole day.

Now it’s time to work on that side-slick. On the side you are slicking it over to, apply gel starting underneath and comb it into place. Continue doing this is several sections of your hair until you have achieved side slick.

side slick hair men

If you want a stronger look, make sure your side parting is straight and slick the sides down sharply. If you don’t want to have a definite parting, comb hair forward and then across ever so slightly. For the other sections of your hair like the back and sides make sure your hair is directed down.

side slick hair

As much as this look may seem too made up, let’s face it, there are days when you just want to look all dressed up – and this look is perfect for those days. For the ultimate contrast pair it with your coolest, most casual off-duty outfit, or marry it with a sharp dinner suit for night time.

For more photos of the hairstyle on the Iceberg fall 2013 runway, follow that link.

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