Inspiration comes in many different forms. For Nanette Lepore’s fall 2013 show, a trip to mars was all the inspiration needed to create a gorgeous hair and beauty look, after all, a little sci-fi goes a long way.

John Pecis of Bumble and Bumble took note of the wet look hair trend of this year and incorporated it into a ponytail, the result is this hairstyle that is fit for the modern woman who is ready to conquer the universe. This modern up-do is a 2013 hairstyle that you can easily recreate and we’ve got the steps right after the break.

slick futuristic ponytail

How to: slick futuristic ponytail

Nanette Lapore slick ponytail

To really get the slick look, blow dry damp hair straight. If you have wavy hair you can use a hair iron to create that slicker / straighter look.
Next, you’ll need to divide your hair into three sections. The first is on the top of your head. Start at the temples and then work your way towards the nape. This section is somewhat like a mohawk shape. The two other sections would be on the sides of your head.

Nanette Lapore slick ponytail

Take some hair gel and apply it on the top / mohawk section you made. Comb it towards the back of your head and then slick the side sections of your hair with gel as well.
Join the three sections into a low ponytail but remember to keep the partings clean and sharp.

Nanette Lapore slick low ponytail

Nanette Lapore slick ponytail

The last and final step would be securing the hairstyle with some hairspray. This will keep everything in place and will give your hair the extra shine needed to pull off the modern look.

While this hairstyle is inspired by a trip to another planet, it’s safe to say that it remains very down to earth. The addition of just a sharp parting and some gel turns a simple ponytail into a super-modern and unique one.

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