Every woman’s go-to hairstyle whenever we are having a bad hair day is the ponytail. It is the easiest way to hide your locks that just won’t cooperate whenever you are in a hurry. Although messy and tousled bed hair is certainly a continuing trend, it also seems like the super slick modern ponytail is making its comeback as a 2013 hairstyle.

Once again, Guido Palau, creative consultant of Redken, was in charge of creating a super slick, ultra shiny, stick straight ponytail for the Versus Versace spring 2013 show. It is tightly pulled back with an ultra shiny finish which gives of a little bit of a dominatrix vibe. As Palau mentioned, “it is both sporty and tough, but is also very precise and minimalist”. Want to learn how to do this slick hairstyle? Read on for instructions after the break.

slick modern ponytail

How to: super slick modern ponytail

Blow dry your hair straight and apply super strong gel to small sections from the crown downwards. At Versus, Redken hardwear 16 gel was used.
Gather your hair into a tight ponytail right at the crown of your head using a fine tooth comb. Make sure that there are no stray hairs and that it is finely combed.

From the secured ponytail, take a section from underneath to use as a wrap around and hide the elastic. Secure it with a pin after wrapping, preferably pinning underneath the ponytail where it’s least obvious.
To make your hair smoother and shinier, apply a smoothing serum all over your head. Palau used Redken glass 01.
As for the ponytail hanging at your back, flat iron it in sections until it is stick straight. Do not make it too stiff so be careful when ironing it.

super slick modern ponytail

To finish off the style, spray a super strength finishing spray from the crown down to the tips of the ponytail for a sleek finish.

This hairstyle goes perfectly well with the blue eyeshadow trend that it was paired with on the runway. The boldness of the eyeshadow compliments the simplicity of the sleek ponytail hair. That said, a natural beauty look also compliments this sleek and shiny ponytail as well.

ultra slick modern ponytail

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