Alexandre Herchcovitch is one designer who has perfected the art of combining different textures in his designs. In his autumn / winter 2012 collection, he clashed textures not just in the clothing, but also with the styling of the models that walked down the runway. The hair look combined sleek pulled back sides with a top that is very reminiscent the quiff hairstyle for men, giving it a one of a kind androgynous look that’s very much in for this season.

This modern hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add extra spunk to their ponytail, and it’s a great winter 2012 hairstyle that’s easy to do on your own. Hair expert Rolando Beauchamp for Bumble & Bumble, the man behind this hairstyle for the Alexandre Herchcovitch show, walked us through the steps on how to get the smooth VS textured look.

This hairstyle has two main sections that you will have to work with separately at first. Section out the top of the hair in a square, and leave the bottom part for now.
Spray the top section of the hair with thickening spray. This will give you the volume and effortless look needed for this particular section of the hair. If you want added texture you can also layer in some sea-salt spray and scrunch it into the hair.
Blow dry top section while combing it with your fingers but do not dry it off completely. Remember, this part of the hairstyle is very natural and textured; letting it dry off naturally with the thickening spray allows you to get that look.
It’s time to work with the lower section of your hair. Compared to the top, this section should be very smooth and straight. The easiest way to do this is by using a straightening iron.
Pull the lower section of your hair, the part that’s smooth and sleek, into a very low ponytail using an elastic band.
Use a finishing spray to hold this section of the hair and to make it smooth and shiny.

quiffed textured hairstyle

Take the top section of the hair and lay it over the lower section of the hair and join them together into a pony tail. Make sure you don’t flatten the top section out because you need to keep that effortless look.
Take the small section of hair from the lower section of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Try to wrap it as tight as you can and secure it with a bobby pin.

There you have it, smooth VS textured hair in a few easy steps.

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