Soft, sexy, grunge: it’s not common for such distinct attributes to be used in the same sentence, specifically when it comes to describing a modern-day hairstyle, but for the Dion Lee girl, this is exactly how effortless is envisioned to look like come the new season.

Painting the mood soft grunge for spring / summer 2016 Dion Lee show, REDKEN Hair Director John Pulitano created an uneven center part with barely there waves set to break into natural movement. Drawing inspiration from the collection, the hair is “technical but sensual, centered and uninhibited“.

Discover the step-by-step tutorial on how to master this gorgeous soft grunge look, after the break.

dion lee soft grunge hairstyle how to

How to: the soft grunge hair at Dion Lee.

After previously following what is your regular washing routine, begin building this hairstyle on damp hair, using your fingers to create an uneven center part.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

Next, pick up a cream mousse and apply it all through the hair to create a frizz-free body. Once done, select random sections of hair, twist them away from the face and blow dry. John Pulitano used Redken’s AERATE 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

Proceed to lightly brush the hair with a soft bristle brush. To ensure essential thermal protection, make sure to lightly spray the hair with a thermal spray. Backstage at Dion Lee, John Pulitano used the Redken IRON SHAPE 11 Finishing Thermal Spray.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

Then, using a large wand, wrap random mid-length sections of hair around the barrel for a few seconds leaving the ends straight. To mirror the soft, natural looking movement seen on the runway, focus exclusively on the top layers of the hair.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

Next, you’ll want to apply one pump of argan oil into your hands and fingertips. Use them to distribute the product through the mid-lengths and into the ends of the hair, just as you create a mock ponytail. Release and apply the remaining amount of product into the top of the hair. At Dion Lee, the Redken ALL SOFT Argan-6 Oil was used on the models hair.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

To achieve the softness describing the runway look, tuck the side sections of hair behind the ears, and finish off with a fine mist of a medium control aerosol spray, much like Redken’s FASHION WORK 12 Versatile Working Spray.

soft grunge hair redken backstage dion lee

Photography by Jessie Obialor ( | Main image courtesy Redken.

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