It’s enough for someone to whisper the word summer for an avalanche made out of nothing but beautiful images to occupy their mind in a matter of seconds. Amongst them: endless beaches, blue waters, never-ending nights, clear skies, sun-kissed skin. There’s no place for frizzy hair, or dry end problems in that delightful sequence of happy thoughts, and maybe that’s the way it should be. After all, summer is all about squeezing the wonder out of life, and embracing its bright side.

That’s exactly why we have put together a list of 8 easy hair tips meant to help you survive summer with amazing hair and zero frustrations concerning their appearance. Find them all, after the break.

hair tips for summer

Battling the frizz.

One of the most common issues, that appears to get even more intense during summertime, is frizzy hair, that’s why the deep conditioning treatments and the silicone-based smoothing serums must become your number one allies in battling the frizz during the torrid months. It’s the mix of humidity and heat that ends up really drying out your hair, which is exactly why it is important to  replenish your hair with the needed moisture. The smoothing serums on the other hand, are known for flattening out the roughness and preventing the absorption of water molecules from the air. Make sure to include them both in your hair care routine.

Making friends with leave-in conditioner.

If you’re one of the girls that adores to sun-bathe for hours at a time, don’t forget to offer your hair the same amount of protection you would your skin. Add a leave-in conditioner to your beach-essentials kit, apply it all over your hair, gather your locks into a bun and let the product do wonders while you lounge. This will prevent the hair frying sensation, it will protect your strands, your colour, and it will most definitely use the heat in your advantage. If you’re doing this at home, refrigerate the leave-in conditioner for an extra cooling sensation during the hot days. At the end of summer, you will be left with utter gorgeous hair.

Putting your hat on.

Leaving the accessorizing process aside, a cool wide-brimmed hat will not only round off your favorite outfits for summer, but it will also serve to protect your hair from sun damage. Add a deconstructed braid, or gorgeous beach waves to the equations, and you will not only be left with the most cool of summer hairstyles, but you will also avoid having your locks looking sweaty, messy, or super tangled.

summer hat

Evading hot irons.

If you made it your purpose to survive summer without hair breakage, split ends, or burnt locks altogether, you should avoid the use of hot irons for as much as possible. While they may briefly help fix your hair styling issues, they will end up causing a lot more damage along the way. Embrace your natural texture instead and opt for gentle up-dos, messy braids, or soft waves as often as you can. Aside from the effortless feel you get with those type of hairstyles, they will also save you time in the morning, and gift your hair with a much needed break from all things hot and harmful.

Protecting your curls.

During summertime is when the curly hair suffers most due to the large absorption of water into the hair, which works to disrupt hydrogen bonds between adjacent hairs, leading to flyaways, frizzy and sensitive hair. To avoid having your curls pay the ultimate price, make sure a lightweight hydrating cream (to apply on your hair when damp) becomes part of your weekly routine.

Before you leave home for the beach, you can also try filling out an empty spray bottle with clear water and use it to wet your hair before working your favorite conditioner into your locks. After that, proceed to add a sun-block cream to the same bottle of water, stir its content and spray it all over your hair. This easy process will ensure protection for your hair, in and out of the water, but it will also speed up the detangling process back at home, leaving you with defined and hydrated curls after washing and rinsing your hair.

Taming your bangs.

As bold and fun as they might be, the bangs often get in the way of you feeling great about summer. To avoid them turning all sweaty and sticky, try:

  • combing them back and securing them with a stylish headband, particularly if they’re cut blunt;
  • styling them in a super-slick menswear-inspired part, using a glossy gel and a fine-tooth comb to define the side-part, works best if you rock pixie bangs, or side bangs;
  • taming the wispy bangs with colorful bobby pins by placing them in all sorts of fun and creative designs like triangles, V-shapes or hashtags.

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