Exotic glamour is what the Rachel Zoe spring / summer 2014 collection is all about. The collection – shown on the runway at New York fashion week – is reminiscent of a woman who loves travelling, and this time she goes on a safari.

Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero created the hairstyle for the Rachel Zoe show. The result: this deconstructed, tangled braid hairstyle that’s both glamorous and wild. To try it yourself, follow the steps after the break.

tangled braid

How to: Rachel Zoe’s deconstructed tangled braid

deconstructed tangled braid

Before anything else you have to keep in mind that this hairstyle works well on hair that’s in great condition. Once you’ve done doing your usual cleansing routine with shampoo and conditioner, apply a hair treatment oil (or any hair treatment product you may have) on your hair. This will make your hair great to work with.
Get some moulding cream (or styling mousse) and work it from the roots to the ends. This will help your hair look healthy and give it just the right amount of shine.

deconstructed tangled braid

Blow dry your hair from underneath while lifting the roots with your fingers to get the texture this hairstyle needs.
Next, section the upper half of your hair from ear to ear and set it aside with a clip. Take the section under it and create a braid (this is the section that’s left on the nape).
Go back to the upper section of your hair you set aside earlier and then tuck random strands into the braid you made. It should look as if waves have been blended into the braid. Do this to a couple of sections but leave some free so you can go to the next step.
With the sections you left behind, create braids and tuck them into the bigger braid just as your did with the loose strands.

deconstructed tangled hair

Finish the look off by pulling the baby hair around your hairline out and letting strands frame your face for that textured jet-setter look.

deconstructed tangled braid

Braids remain to be a huge trend and this hairstyle is a very modern take on the classic hairstyle. With the right products and some patience, you’ll be able to wear this look in the urban jungle.

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