A little bit vintage-inspired, very much effortless: this textured plait well and truly caught our eye when we spotted it in the pages of Elle France’s July 2014 issue. Worn by Lara Stone, the brilliant thing about the style is that it’s so simple, yet so effective – and you can create it for yourself with these easy steps.

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messy textured plait how to

You’ll need a lot of texture in your hair for this style to hold. Hair that’s a day unwashed will work better. Prep by applying a volumising spray or sea-salt spray and then blasting with a hairdryer to create texture and volume.

Sweep the hair up into a ponytail, combing it with your fingers (instead of a brush) as you go. You want to keep the texture and not make it too neat. Secure with an elastic.

Take one strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic. Secure the strand with a bobby pin, underneath the ponytail where it can’t be seen.

Divide the ponytail into three rough sections and plait it all the way down to the end of the hair, keeping width and looseness as you go. Don’t plait too tight as you want a messy finish. 

textured plait how to

This look doesn’t have any elastic at the bottom, giving it that very effortless appeal. To do this, wrap the hair around the bottom of the plait and spray with hairspray. The hair will hold best if very textured and dry – you can backcomb it a little bit if it doesn’t hold.

Clamp the wrapped-around hair with a straightening iron to set it firmly in place, and then spray with more hairspray if needed.

To finish, use your fingers to tousle up the plait some more, pulling individual strands a little to separate them and create added texture. When you’re happy with the desired effect, spray the whole plait lightly with some hairspray to keep it as is.

Voila. Pair it with your favourite summer beauty look and away you go.

Photos: Lara Stone by Hans Feurer. See the full shoot in the July 2014 issue of Elle France.

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