How to: tousled short hair for men

The “out of bed / I don’t care” look doesn’t need much pitching: it’s got an inherent cool factor that’s both attractive and laid back.

Spotted at the Fendi men’s spring 2014 show was this this tousled men’s hairstyle that you can easily incorporate into your hairstyle arsenal. What’s really great about this is that you don’t have to have a specific haircut to work this style, all you need are the right products (though slightly longer on top and shorter on the sides is best). Check out our styling how to right after the break.

tousled mens hairstyle

How to: Fendi’s tousled short hair for men

Start working on this hairstyle by completely drying off your hair with a blow dryer. Use your fingers to dry your hair roughly (rather than a brush) to create volume. If your hair is already dried then just move on to the next step.
Next, take some volumising powder to create extra volume and thickness (if you have thick hair you can opt to skip with the volumising powder and just move on to the next step). Apply the powder on the palms of your hands, rub them together and apply it on your hair. Apply the powder close to the roots of your hair.

tousled mens hair

Create more volume by moving your hands in different directions. Think of it as massaging the product in your hair but do it a bit roughly to get that tousled effect.
Next, take some hair wax and rub it onto the tips of your fingers. Don’t put too much because you still want a natural look.
With your wax-laced finger tips, twirl the ends of your hair. Do this in small sections all over your hair, in haphazard directions for a more tousled look. You can do the same thing on shorter hair but note that you’ll end up with a spiker but still tousled finish.

short tousled mens hair

Once you’ve tousled up all of your hair, be sure to use your hands and fingers to really touch it up and ensure it sits around your face in a way that flatters you. You can make it more or less messy as you choose, using it to add a bit of grunge or edge to a casual look. The key here is to use the technique of volumising the hair for fullness then using wax on individual sections of hair rather than overdoing the product – the latter will simply weigh it down.

For more men’s hairstyle tutorials follow that link.

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