Imagined to feature a high-gloss shine and a silky feel, the lustrous waterfall ponytail created by Redken’s Hair Director Carl Reeves for Camilla and Marc spring 2015, represents a trip out of the ordinary. Marking the glamorous way to liven up a low ponytail, the elegant clip at the nape is also the detail set to redefine the sophisticated ready-to-wear style. A style that you can easily sport as one of this fall’s key hair trends, and that you can keep on wearing way into spring and summer 2015.

After the break, discover the complete step-by-step guide that will help you recreate the modern-chic hairstyle right at home.

waterfall ponytail how to

How to: the lustrous waterfall ponytail at Camilla and Marc.

For flawless results, you should start building this look on clean, dry hair. Proceed to simply part your locks down the middle and apply a volumizing product starting at the roots, and working your way towards the ends. Backstage at Camilla and Marc, Carl used the Rootfull 06 Root Lifting Spray by Redken.

Next, blow dry your hair using a natural bristle brush until you achieve a firm, smooth texture.

Once done, create a horseshoe-shaped section, tie the bottom of the section into a low ponytail and secure the top with a hair clip. Next, slide a kilt pin (or safety pin) through the bottom section ponytail, making sure to release and smooth the top section of hair into the pin before closing.

waterfall ponytail

Seeing how high-shine is mandatory when seeking the same sophisticated feel we’ve seen prevailing on the runway, use a lightweight aerosol spray all over the hair to create enviable high-shine lustre. Carl Reeves recommends Redken’s Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist.

waterfall ponytail

Before finishing off the look with a few spritzes of a super-strong hairspray, gently pull some wisps from the hairline to gift the look with that perfectly-undone aura. At Camilla and Marc spring 2015, Carl used the Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray.

waterfall ponytail

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