There may be a myriad of awe-inspiring hairstyles trending for winter 2014, but only one cut reigning supreme: the long bob. With a new season quietly imploring for a stylish makeover, the sexy bob seems to be the one haircut to perfectly embody this season’s idea of change.

Either you already got it, or you plan on finally chopping your hair into a beautiful long bob, we’re here to offer you all the inspiration you will be needing in the styling department.

Messy, sleek, wet-looking or perhaps braided, here are 8 gorgeous ways to style a long bob this winter. Find them all, after the break.

Messy texture.

On some days easy does it, and when that happens a messy textured bob is the style to sport, all the more if effortless translates to such a cool look:

Long bob styling inspiration

Braided detail.

If you aim for something decidedly more feminine, keep the messy texture and add a braided detail into your hair to instantly soften up the look:

Long bob styling inspiration

Sleek & with a center part.

Of course, a sleek, straight bob will never grow older, not when paired to a classic center part and a pair of timeless red lips:

Long bob styling inspiration

Deep side part & volume.

In order to put a modern spin on your long bob, infuse the straight locks with a little bit of volume and finish off the look with a messy side-part:

Long bob styling inspiration

Blunt bangs.

A pair of blunt bangs holds the power to change everything, even the way a long bob comes to sight when styled in loose, textured waves:

Long bob styling inspiration

Edgy half top-knot.

A bit grunge, a lot edgy, the half top-knot asks for a little bit of texture in the hair; the rest comes as easy as pie with results that are clearly on the remarkable side:

Long bob styling inspiration

Wet-look texture.

All throughout the winter and into spring 2015, the wet-look finish maintains its relevance, making for one easy, but highly-dramatic way of styling the long bob:

Long bob styling inspiration

Top it with a hat.

When everything else fails, top your long bob with a wide-brimmed hat. All the better if the bob is super-textured and messy-looking:

Long bob styling inspiration

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