Hair color.

The Natasha Poly contrast

As far as creative advertising goes, Givenchy’s spring 2011 eyewear campaign is actually about as bland as it can get. It’s lifeless and dull. As an example of the 2011 hair colour trends mantra ‘just change it‘, however, the advert is far more effective. With her cooler-than-thou aviators, supermodel Natasha Poly dominates, her dyed-brown locks contrasting perfectly in the photo where her normally blonde locks…

Redspiration: achieving the right contrast

Our publication’s editor, Tania Braukamper, recently ventured off to her hair stylist in order to live up to 2011’s hair trend adage of ‘just change it‘. Her blonde locks were to become red ones. Things didn’t quite go as planned and the strong red that Tania wanted, the kind you see captured in this street style snap, came out closer to strawberry blonde. A trip…

Natasha Poly: back to blonde

When we began collating our take on 2011’s hairstyles we wrote of the idea of just changing it as major driving force behind any 2011 hair colour choice. And behind that ideal, amongst others, was model Natasha Poly who, in late 2010, transitioned from standout blonde to more subtle brunette. Admittedly for her features it wasn’t the best of choices. Hence, here at New York’s…

Kate Beckinsale goes blonde

We would hardly blame you for thinking this is Sienna Miller you see before you. But it is, in fact, another English Rose gone blonde. Our 2011 hair colour mantra of just change it is proving ever popular, with just one general rule: it must be a block colour. Kate Beckinsale changes it to blonde, and we think the results are more than satisfactory.

A change for Carmen Kass

Yet another model partakes in the key 2011 hair colour trend, just change it. This time it’s the formerly mousy blonde Carmen Kass who has opted to become an all out brunette.
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book
Carmen Kass: Lindex S/S '11 Lingerie Look Book

Frida changes it

Could it be? Yet another 2011 hair colour change seems to be on the way – with Frida Gustavsson looking suspiciously red haired on the cover of Elle Sweden’s January 2011 issue.


A moment of inspiration for a 2011 hair colour trend, white blonde hair, in the guise of New Zealand model Phoebe Farrell.
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Two in one

Here’s something of a two in one piece of inspiration for you, with another view of Britt Maren‘s striking hairstyle that is perfect inline with 2011’s hair trends. Her white blonde colouring grabs the eye, while the dramatic, almost pixie crop, haircut maintains the gaze.
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Lily Cole’s dramatic change: dark hair

It was something I put into yesterday’s look at how to pick a hair colour from 2011’s hair trends without much fanfare, but given it is such a dramatic change for Lily Cole it seems only right to again highlight that the model recently ditched her normally red locks for something far darker. There’s another picture after the jump.

Natasha Poly takes a brunette turn

She’s become ingrained in our minds as the smoking hot blonde with the killer cheekbones – but a model’s life is all about reinvention and staying fresh. And for Natasha Poly that’s translated to a recent, dramatic hair colour change from blonde to dark brunette. Debuting the new colour in print for the first time on the cover of Vogue Paris’ November 2010 issue, Natasha…