If you like to get creative, if you prefer to stuff your pantry with only natural, healthy ingredients, if you love to treat yourself right, and enjoy committing to a fun, DIY project every once in a while, switching the drugstore hair and beauty products for ones made with your own hands will be a breeze.

If not, perhaps the all-natural, chemical-free and unique qualities of your future cosmetic favourites will be the ones to win you over. Whichever the case, it’s time to stop shopping and start making.

Below, 11 hair & beauty products you should be making for yourself.

beauty products you can make at home DIY

Body Butter.

Who doesn’t love a good body butter? If you’re one to crave an extra-hydrating, lush and wonderfully smelling product, do treat yourself to one of these delicious DIY body butters.

Sea Salt Spray.

Beach waves should make every girl’s list of effortless do’s, to be put together with a just spritz of sea salt spray and a serious hand scrunch. Make the best ever stash of sea-salt spray by following the link for the full DIY recipe.

Body Scrub.

This the season to be scrubbing, so why not completely transform what is the routine exfoliating treatment into a luxurious experience? Trust any of these natural DIY body scrubs to get your skin glowing.

DIY beauty products

Face Mask.

You’re most likely to fully enjoy the power of all-natural ingredients in something as simple as DIY face mask. Follow the link to discover a recipe suited for your skin type.

Hair Mask.

Every once in a while, your hair needs a little bit of loving, after all it goes through a lot in the short span of a week. Deserving of a nice treatment, make sure to repair and restore its health and shine using the healing properties of a DIY hair mask.

Lip Balm.

You buy one, it doesn’t really work, then you just go on and buy another. With every new season, your lip balm stack is likely to get bigger, but you can put a stop to the madness at any point by making your own DIY lip balm. One recipe we like can be found here.

diy beauty products

Cuticle Cream.

Using just a few simple, natural ingredients you can create a wonderful moisturizer for your cuticles. Find an amazing DIY clay and lavender cuticle cream here.

Lip Gloss.

Now that’s one product we bet you didn’t consider making for yourself. It’s not even that complicated, we promise. So, how does mint chocolate lip gloss sound to you? Click the link for the full step-by-step recipe.

Rosewater Toner.

If a rosewater toner bough in store is likely to treat your skin right, imagine what the organic, homemade rendition can do for you. Here’s a recipe for DIY rosewater face toner that you’ll love.

DIY beauty products

Moisturizing Shaving Gel.

Feel like turning shower time into a delicious experience? Nothing easier than switching your shaving gel for a moisturizing DIY Coconut Oil Shaving Cream. Full recipe + tips for the perfect shave, at this link.

Skin Brightener.

A natural product promising to help get rid of sun, age spots, and to even your skin tone? Now that’s one to have in your skin-care repertoire. Follow the link to learn how to create the DIY turmeric skin brightener in the comfort of your home.

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