5 seventies-inspired hairstyles to try this spring

The ultimate take on gorgeous spring hair is retro-influenced but decidedly modern. Borrowing inspiration from the 1970s, these fabulous hairstyles span in between the undone boho waves and the unapologetic disco curls, with everything good in between. After the break, a round-up of 5 seventies-inspired hairstyles that will make you want to go retro-beautiful for the season. Time to have some fun!

How to: the forward topknot at Marc Jacobs

There’s no accident in her beauty, no ease, no signs of nonchalance, because for fall 2015, the Marc Jacobs woman goes ultra chic, uptown and pulled together, her entire look made to appear sleek, sculptured, tough. Inspired by grand ladies and chic women from the ’40s and ’70s (think Ida Sitwell), the forward topknot created by Guido Palau for Marc Jacobs’ fall 2015 presentation acts…

5 pretty half up, half down hairstyles to try this weekend

If your mood for the weekend implores for an easy-meets-soft, or perhaps an easy-meets-cool kind of look, we’ve got just the hairstyles for you. Ready to be completed in under five minutes, equal parts pretty and chic, these gorgeous takes on the classic half up, half down style will look twice as good with a pair of red lips and an extra layer of mascara.…

5 romantic hairstyles to try for Valentine’s Day

This weekend’s video round-up is made out of these romantic and super-feminine hairstyles that are just the thing to master before Valentine’s Day. They’re not complicated, nor fussy, instead they’re subtle and pretty, and once added to your hair repertoire they will make just as much sense for dinner dates, parties, or any kind of celebrations that will require you to look uber-chic. Pair them…

9 awesome man buns to inspire you

You know the man bun is hot right now, but maybe you need more visual inspiration on how to style yours. Never fear: from the top knot to the faux hawk, the slick to the samurai, here are 9 man buns to inspire you.

5 cool fauxhawk hairstyles to try this season

Whether to add a hint of edge to an otherwise simple outfit, to spice up your fun, night-out attire, or to perfect that ultimate party look, the faux hawk is perhaps the coolest hairstyle to be included in your hair repertoire this season. Spanning in between the super-chic, the girly and the punky, the faux hawk is anything but boring, its countless interpretations allowing you…

5 pretty ways to style your long bob right now: video tutorials

The long bob haircut makes for a gorgeous look all on its own, but how about those days when you’re seeking for that little extra something else? Despite the common misconception, there are plenty of options when it comes to styling a lob and this week’s video round up is about to offer you some serious inspiration in this very department. Below, 5 long bob…

5 gorgeous party hairstyles to try for New Year’s Eve

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect hairstyle for the New Year’s Eve as you want it to be easy, to look effortless but also a little bit glamorous, to last all through the night and to fully complement your outfit choice. With plenty of time ahead to try them all out, the 5 hair tutorials making for today’s round-up are the perfect…

5 beautiful and easy hairstyles to try for the holidays

Carrying through with the holiday-inspiration theme, more precisely with all the gorgeous ways you can style your long hair this December, this week’s video round-up is all about those beautiful and easy hairstyles that are just perfect for the holiday season. From glamorous waves to effortless braids, topped with the prettiest hair accessories, find the 5 hair tutorials after the break.