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How to: Nina Ricci’s ultra-feminine low ponytail

Proof that simplicity is still the ultimate form of sophistication, the soft and utterly feminine low ponytail imagined by┬áRedken creative consultant Guido for Nina Ricci, matched the romantic vibes of the lace-filled spring 2014 collection. Sleek but easily luxurious, the low, loose ponytail tied effortlessly with a black ribbon spoke of all things beautiful and uncomplicated, making for a spring 2014 hair trend hard to…

How to get natural, textured hair

As if to encourage women to fall in love with their natural texture, the hair at Bottega Veneta’s spring 2014 presentation was pointing towards a nonchalant kind of beauty. Equal parts fresh and sophisticated, the style envisioned by Redken creative consultant Guido, used as foundation the naturalness defining spring 2014’s hair trends. Easy to recreate and pushing for ease, this style is perfect for the…

5 low ponytails to try this weekend

It’s in their ultimate simplicity that lies the timeless feel to make the low ponytails a major hair trend for spring 2014. For several seasons now the classic style has been reimagined, reinvented and readapted to match the modern beat. This season, the low ponytail goes from effortless to luxe, acting as the perfect choice for daytime, as well as the statement to be made…

6 simple hair tricks that will change your morning routine

Mornings are usually defined by all those crazy moments spent trying to save time either because you’re already running late, or simply because you prefer to spend a few extra minutes in bed to the detriment of a complex beauty routine. But getting out the door faster and looking completely put together is a matter of mastering a few easy hair tricks that promise to…

How to: Versace’s flowing rock-chic hair

The late 80s to early 90s was known for their rock ‘n’ roll scene. Artists like Axl Rose were the rock icons of that time, and for the Versace spring / summer 2014 show, they served as the perfect inspiration. This laid back rocker chic look is a little androgynous. Reminiscent of the LA rock scene of the era, it’s simple yet still makes the…

How to get Arizona Muse’s gorgeous textured bob

Working towards making the bob haircut equal parts cool and unpredictable, while still entirely relevant amongst spring 2014’s hair trends, Arizona Muse’s effortless loose, textured hairstyle from the Witchery autumn / winter 2014 campaign bets on natural seduction. It is undone but in a way that reads sophistication, and more importantly that allows for free movement and easy styling. Polished, carrying an element of moisture but…
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign
Witchery A/W '14 campaign

Tips & tricks for styling curly hair for men: video roundup

While it can look extremely good on guys, the curly hair on men comes with its own set of issues that can turn even the easiest styling process into a real nightmare. That’s why fewer men choose to embrace their natural wavy hair opting instead for short haircuts, or choosing to use an endless list of styling products in an attempt to tame the curls and…

How to create a modern men’s pompadour

The King made the style famous decades ago, but the pompadour is still infused with a rock'n'roll cool - especially when given a modern update. A little shorter, a little messier, 2014's version of this classic men's hairstyle doesn't have to make you look like you stepped out of a time machine. Follow the guide below to make the pompadour work for you with minimal hassle.

How to style mid-length curly hair for men

Curly hair on men can be tricky to work with – especially when it’s got some length to it. It’s tempting to go just back to shorter hair. Before you go for that “chopping off” option, it’s worth reconsidering – seeing your natural waves as an opportunity for you to think out of the box and have fun with styling. To help you tame your…