The top tier spring 2012 fashion catwalks will soon kick off and it’s fair to say that you’d have to spend the next few months living on Mars if you wanted to avoid the coverage all together. It’ll be everywhere – from publications such as right through to daily rags looking for pages to fill. Which is great for we fashionisers, but with such a saturation of catwalks (is there actually a day on the calendar where a fashion week isn’t being held somewhere in the world?) some fashion brands are realising they aren’t getting the desired cut through.

Problem finally identified: the fast-paced, 15 minute catwalk (read: same old, same old) just doesn’t cut it in the face of a hundred other similar shows.

The solution: well, a suggested solution reads like a faux pas.

With something like 250 runway shows and parties crammed into the New York Fashion Week that begins Sept. 8, a lot of designers are saying that there must be a better way to show clothes, or at least some way to grab people’s attention for more than a second or two.

The latest thing, if a handful of them are correct, would be fashion shows in 3-D.

3D. Really? How last year. How not actually delivering a better experience to we the consumers. How not actually delivering better engagement, better understanding, better communication about a fashion house’s offering for the new season.

But we are still in the early days, and there are logistical problems. Last year, Burberry presented its fall collection in 3-D screenings to mixed reviews (the models didn’t jump off of the screen very effectively), and Zegna combined 3-D film and live models for its men’s show in Milan in January (lost in translation to at-home viewers).

If you suddenly discover your model isn’t working as hoped what do you do? Reinvent it altogether or tart it up? 3D catwalks en masse sound like the latter or put another way: 3D catwalks – the same old catwalk now in a special bling edition.

Via The New York Times.

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