What does it take to become a Hollywood power stylist? Why do so many men’s clothing stores line their walls with dusty old books? And is there a willpower trick to maintaining your New Years resolutions?

We won’t answer all those questions, but our round up of 5 articles to read over coffee this weekend just might. Find them after the break.

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In no particular order, here are 5 great reads for your weekend:

The power stylists of Hollywood

The sylists calling the shots on the red carpet, the impact the right choice of outfit can make, and what it takes to be one of them.

“As veterans of the trade point out, it takes more than a killer eye, a Calvinist work ethic and a capacity for self-effacement to rise to the rank of power stylist. These days that distinction is awarded to stylists who see to it that their clients alight on the carpet in a dress riveting enough to secure not just plum parts, but the magazine covers and lucrative fragrance and cosmetics contracts that stars now view as their entitlement.”

Read it here.

The book club

How books have become the secret weapon in making menswear stores seem smart – in the tradition sense of the word, as well as sartorially.

“We’re a generation enthralled by authenticity and craftsmanship. Walter Benjamin wrote that in an era when everything was reproduced, nothing had the aura of originality. Now, most men’s clothing is made en masse—and we find ourselves missing the hand stitched. Likewise, many of our libraries consist only of e-books—and our old paperbacks seem to posses a one-of-a kind personality.”

Read it here.

Sex and advertising

Ernest Dichter, the “Freud of the supermarket age”, changed perceptions of market research and changed the game on selling products.

“Dichter understood that every product has an image, even a “soul”, and is bought not merely for the purpose it serves but for the values it seems to embody. Our possessions are extensions of our own personalities, which serve as a “kind of mirror which reflects our own image”. Dichter’s message to advertisers was: figure out the personality of a product, and you will understand how to market it.”

Read it here.

An interview with Reed Krakoff

Designer Reed Krakoff talks about more than design – including his love of furniture, and his work as a photographer shooting fighters as well as models.

“You spend a little time with someone, you watch the way they sit and stand up, and, you know, pretend you’re getting to know them. But don’t you always have that moment when you see who they are? The way they smile and laugh, the way they tilt their head? So, to me, shooting a fighter is the same.”

Read it here.

The willpower trick

A look at the psychology of willpower, timely as our New Year’s resolutions start to look far less resolute.

“These findings are incredibly revealing, as they document the banal secret of willpower. It’s not that these people have immaculate wills, able to stare down tempting calories. Instead, they are able to intelligently steer clear of situations that trigger problematic desires. They don’t resist temptation — they avoid it entirely.”

Read it here.

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