Kate Middleton, it is observed, can make a product sell out in seconds. But is she squandering the opportunity to more deeply influence the new generation’s views of the Monarchy? Meanwhile, Anna Dello Russo and Peter Dundas talk about female empowerment, Pucci, and of course, shoes, and a new book looks at the darker side of Jazz Age flapper icons.

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Squandering a royal style opportunity

On the first anniversary of the Royal Wedding, Vanessa Friedman asks: is Kate Middleton squandering the opportunity to truly influence perception about the Monarchy?

“Her job is to define – visually, which is to say, with clothes and hair and make-up – what monarchy means to the new generation. And while her clothes have been entirely appropriate and often very nice, they have also been inconclusive.”

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Frida Giannini visits Shanghai

Gucci’s Creative Director shares a diary of her Shanghai travels, from haggling prices to launching campaigns. It’s a brief insight into a few days into the life of being Frida.

“There’s really only one thing I’m looking for—jade for my mother. And I find a beautiful piece, an antique butterfly brooch, inside the store of local jewelry designer Pu Shi. It’s part of her private collection, but she parts with it anyway.”

Read it here.

Anna Dello Russo & Peter Dundas

Anna Dello Russo and Emilio Pucci Creative Director Peter Dundas discuss their friendship, empowering women, and Dello Russo’s infamous sense of style.

“I like to consider myself the guardian of fashion. When I moved house 10 years ago, I had 4,000 pairs of shoes. I had to buy a bigger home to store all the clothes because I need closets, not kitchens, and many are now in my house in Bari [in the southern Puglia region]. I’m super tidy so every item is catalogued, stored in garment bags with tissue paper, perfumed and on hangers that are all the same. But I’m not a vintage fan – I don’t like the smell of old clothes.”

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The rise of designer children’s wear

How children’s wear has become the new designer cash cow.

“Now, children are the new accessory, as once-snooty brands line up to please conservative-minded millennials while they use tiny garments to strengthen their brand power in regions like Asia.”

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The darker side of the Jazz Age

The 1920s fashion revival has us remembering the glitz, but what about the real-life tragedy?

“Their tragic ends are obscured by our shiny rediscovery of the flapper today – possibly because they posit such uncomfortable questions. The muse is traditionally a silent, passive figure; a beautiful woman whose beauty alone is enough to inspire artists. But what made young women of such an exciting new age want to take on this silent, passive role? Did they renew it or rebel against it? And did their rebellion lead to their madness?”

Read it here.

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