Obama may have called him a jackass, but is Kanye West really an American Mozart? One writer asks why we revere the likes of Kim Kardashian over the truly accomplished, another becomes a serial instagrammer of candid subway moments, and Fashionising.com’s Daniel P Dykes gets interviewed about all things social media.

Five great reads to sit down with this weekend, after the break.

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The real Marilyn Monroe

What made Marilyn Monroe so great, and so tragic.

“Monroe herself knew the difference between seeing and looking. ‘Men do not see me,’ she said, ‘they just lay their eyes on me.’”

Read it here.

Where Did All the Accomplished People Go?

We used to revere scientists. Now we worship Kim Kardashian. Simon Doonan asks, why?

“However, audacious women with impressive racks are like cupcakes, and man cannot live on cupcakes alone. Sometimes you crave the crusty whole meal of an accomplished person. But today, alas, we are on a cupcakes-only diet.”

Read it here.

Becoming an Instagram subway photographer

Street photography from the original Leica through to Instagram.

“I posted my first photograph on Instagram on a visit to Los Angeles, at the end of a run in Griffith Park. You can see the observatory, the one from Rebel Without a Cause, through a filter that has the faded colors and gummy borders of an old Polaroid Land camera print. Looking back now, I see layers of unearned nostalgia and, at the top of the frame, the edge of my finger.”

Read it here.

Talking with Daniel P Dykes

Our own Editor In Chief, Daniel P Dykes, talks skinny models to website Chisinau and talks to Cecylia Kee about blogging, online strategy, and being a child of the digital age.

“Vision. Have one. There are so many sites, whether they’re blogs or full blown publications, that lack a vision, that lack an auteur driving them forwards. You have to stand for something, and it has to be more than just ‘this is something I like’. Push boundaries or defend them, love something or hate it, but have a vision of what you represent, and make your site 100% about that.”

Read the Cecylia interview here, and the Chisinau piece here.

Kanye West, American Mozart

Producer, singer, rapper, designer, and – according to the US President – jackass. A profile of Kanye West.

“Kanye’s emotional landscape may be troubled, but it is also a unified whole, which is the mark of any great artist. He is a petulant, adolescent, blanked-out, pained emotional mess who toggles between songs about walking with Jesus and songs about luxury brands and porn stars.”

Read it here.

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