An interview with Marc Jacobs, the drug-fuelled adventures of Hunter S Thompson, and what happens when nun habits get fashionable. After the break is our weekend round-up of articles worth your reading.

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Marc Jacobs talks

The Talks sits down with Marc Jacobs.

“Different people buy for different reasons, but I don’t think we are selling an image. I think we are selling products and those products have some kind of intrinsic integrity or some sort of aesthetic or sensibility. Whether it is a t-shirt or whether it is a party-dress, the approach to them is exactly the same: it is something we wanted to make.”

Read it here.

Love, boxing and Hunter S Thompson

These real life adventures in the time of Hunter S Thompson make up for any drug-fuelled adventure The Rum Diary might have missed.

“My bag, still packed, was sitting on the luggage rack next to the dresser. Inside my leather Dopp kit were four grams of Peruvian flake that would soon be chopped into long thick lines on the coffee table’s glass top. It was now 11 o’clock in the morning. I had been in New Orleans for less than an hour.”

Read it here.

Getting in the habit

When religion and fashion truly do collide.

“The JF & Son store in New York has partnered with Sherman to produce and sell the habits for secular customers. So while Mother Mary is praying in her peach-colored harem pants in Forth Worth, a young New York woman might be traipsing across Fifth Avenue in the very same design.”

Read it here.

The Quiet End of the Runway

On how Tulum, Mexico, a “low-budget hippie trail” has become “a magnet for Seventh Avenue materialists”, drawing everyone from movie stars to fashion designers to its white-sanded beaches.

“And welcome to Tulum, a destination so popular with the fashion crowd this time of year that it almost feels like Fashion Week. While Teva-wearing backpackers look for sea turtles and New Age naïfs look for nirvana, the fashion obsessed don’t have to look at all to find one other. They are everywhere, artfully dressed down in high-peasant style.”

Read it here.

Science at your fingertips

From automobile paint to military grade microscopes: when beauty borders on rocket science.

“Not that such cross-industry pollination stops at a conglomerate’s front door. As part of the same reformulation process, Pantene has used microscopes otherwise employed by Nasa.”

Read it here.

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