Aren’t we all a creation of some kind? Singer (and budding style icon) Lana Del Rey stands accused of being just that. Meanwhile, The Artist brings the opulence of ’20s fashion to the screen, J.C Penney gets reinvented, and Veronique Nichanian takes up the challenge of being a woman designing “luxury by the old definition” for Hermes menswear. After the break: 5 weekend reads.

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Without further ado here are 5 reads from across the web worthy of bookmarking this weekend.

Was Lana Del Rey born, or made?

Fledgling pop icon and style icon Lana Del Rey has been accused of being a phoney. But can a stage persona and real self be one and the same?

“By this point, Lizzy Grant was morphing into the eminently more marketable Lana Del Rey – whence stem those accusations of phoniness. Exactly whose creation was “Lana Del Rey”?

The singer is reluctant to discuss her stage name and persona – except to describe herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra”.”

Read it here.

A brief history of the Peter Pan collar

Where did the Peter Pan collar come from, and why are we wearing it again now?

“These days, the collars are often worn with a sort of twee, schoolgirl-ish sweater and skirt combo, and they seem like the perfect accessory for a generation of women afflicted with Peter Pan syndrome (think: writing in lower case letters, fetishizing kittens, and pretty much anything Zooey Deschanel might do).”

Read it here.

Twenties fashion in The Artist

How the costuming in The Artist brings 1920s fashion to the screen.

“Strange as it may seem, the world now bears more than a passing resemblance to the 1920s, not just thanks to economic realities but to the Weinstein brothers, whose silent film The Artist , from French director Michel Hazanavicius, has been surprising the box office and setting off cloche-hatted fashion trends.”

Read it here.

The rebirth of J.C Penney

Will J.C Penney be the most interesting retailer of 2012?

“Late last year, J.C. Penney began building a dream team with Ron Johnson — the man who launched Apple‘s retail stores — as its new CEO… And this week, Johnson took a sledgehammer to the J.C. Penney way of doing business. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in retail since Apple opened stores, again with Johson at the the helm.”

Read it here.

Designing for Hermes: Veronique Nichanian

A woman designing exclusively for men, Veronique Nichanian talks about life at the helm of Hermes menswear.

“After all, Nichanian is, as it has said on her business card since her promotion last year, “Artistic Director of the Hermès Men’s Universe”. That sounds like an awfully big job, even for a company not notorious for slapping its name on just anything it might be able to make a euro from.”

Read it here.

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