Why intoxication and drug use are as trend-based as fashion; where men’s jewellery is headed; how to accept a compliment; and talking with Stella McCartney.

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An interview with Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney talks to Interview Magazine about evolution, ethics, and having a Beatle for a father.

“I probably didn’t have permission to be a fashion designer because I had a famous set of parents, even though I’d done the exact same training as every other fashion designer I’d known. I didn’t grow up in public, as you say, but people knew who my dad was when I came out. I mean, I didn’t go, “Hi, my dad’s Paul McCartney.”

Read it here.

When men wear jewellery

No longer confined to cufflinks and tie-pins, men’s jewellery is broadening its reach.

“Clothes don’t maketh man. Necklaces do. Or so you might think, to judge by the cover of a British Sunday supplement late last year. This showed the cookery writer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wearing nothing but jewellery. His bottom half hidden in a river as he wrestled with a salmon, his top half naked save for a pendant—a sort of metal arrow head on a thong—that somehow conveyed a singular message: I hunt, I catch, I feed.”

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Intoxicating trends

It’s not just fashion that moves in trends; but drugs, too.

“Fashion is an important and often overlooked aspect of human culture and is crucial to the history of intoxicating substances. In the western world we have seen crazes for and moral panics against pepper, coffee, chocolate and tea, as well as substances more commonly labelled intoxicants today.”

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Are you a humble bragger?

Learning how to accept a compliment.

“So poor am I at receiving these social pleasantries that anyone kind enough to offer them runs the risk of an abrupt verbal slap-down. It goes something like this: Well-meaning friend: “You look nice.” Me: “Shut up.”"

Read it here.

Death in the Afternoon

The dark shadow of a mysterious bullfighter returning to the ring.

“One of the wounds ran twenty inches into his right thigh and tore his muscle. Some viewers accused him of being suicidal; others saw the consummate performance of Spain’s best bullfighter, one who was ready to fight steadily till the end. When a journalist asked the old former matador Esplá, “What is courage?” he answered, “It’s the spot where José Tomás stands.””

Read it here.

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