Will Rooney Mara’s topless scenes in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo spawn a small-breast revival? How much do the season’s prints owe to the fine arts? And how, from a scientific viewpoint, do high heels effect our bodies? Such are the topics tackled by this week’s round-up of 5 weekend reads. Find them after the break.

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The return of small breasts?

Pondering on trends in breast size, and whether The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is helping to herald a revival of the boyish figure popular in the 1960s. As far as fashion is concerned, though, haven’t small breasts been big (for want of a better term) for a while?

“During the non-porn, fully clothed segments of the movie, I found myself speculating as to whether the ferociously compelling Miss Mara, with her uninflated mammaries, might possess the power to usher out the era of the porno-hooter? Can she put the natural knocker back up where it belongs?”

Read it here.

Fashion’s beautiful relationship with art

When art influences the prints on the runway, from McQueen to Katrantzou.

“Ever since Alexander McQueen’s Platos Atlantis Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which was to be the last he ever did and which gave the world the reptilian wedge shoes that became the centrepiece of last year’s Savage Beauty exhibition in New York, print has careened into the forefront of fashion.”

Read it here.

A scientific look at the dangers of high heels

Why comfortable heels are a holy grail: a look at the physical dangers of high heeled shoes.

“It was obvious… that the women habituated to high heels walked differently from those who usually wore flats, even when the heel wearers went barefoot. But the nature and extent of the differences were surprising.”

Read it here.

Fashion changes, and so do the magazines

How fashion magazines “have made themselves indistinguishable” and their attempts to stay relevant by redesign. But has anything really changed?

“What’s missing, then, is that sense that while Glamour’s higher purpose was always to empower women, it mostly just talked about sex… Well, the sex talk has not so much gone missing as it has been repackaged.”

Read it here.

Design for Living

An exhibition on Californian Design prompts thoughts about mid-century modernism and interior design.

“It’s a room of browns and tans and yellows and russets. The pale wood paneling on the far wall stretches up seventeen feet to the ceiling…

Though its contents are old, the room somehow looks new: mid-century modern is still what we think of as modern.”

Read it here.

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