This weekend’s link round-up of five worthy reads, including an interview with Paolo Roversi, a Brian Duffy retrospective, and the question of what would happen if you tracked down your ‘cooler you’.

Find them after the break.

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The cooler me

Somewhere out there is a doppleganger, another version of you that’s living the life you’ve always dreamed of. But if you tracked them down, would their life really be better than yours? One writer decides to find out.

“Kyle was in fine form, making everyone laugh in his skipper’s hat, but it was hard to tell if he was captain of an enchanted boat or a sinking ship. This was why I was visiting, to experience his life for a couple of days. Was my doppelgänger happier than I was?”

Read it here.

The Talks: Paolo Roversi

The famed photographer talks about getting models naked, film vs digital, and all of the pictures he never took.

“I’m not the kind of photographer who always has a camera around his neck, always taking pictures of everything, with the fear of losing the moment. My life is full of pictures I didn’t take, or that I just took with my mind because I wasn’t fast enough with the camera.”

Read it here.

Man on Fire: Brian Duffy

One of the game changing photographers of the swinging ’60s, Brian Duffy is the focus of a new retrospective in New York. Annabel Graham talks to Chris Duffy, Brian’s son and the exhibitions curator.

“In the sixties, all these pictures you look at are a fraction of time on a piece of film. The digital medium, with your recorder there, which is also a camera… if I take a picture of you, first of all, where does it exist? You can’t see it, taste it, smell it, touch it…”

Read it here.

Is Facebook making us lonely?

Has social networking changed the way we interact in the real world?

“Which brings us to a more fundamental question: Does the Internet make people lonely, or are lonely people more attracted to the Internet?”

Read it here.

Why Cannes is film’s own fashion week

Cannes festival has become more about the fashion.

“The point is, it all adds up to a fashion week by another name. Certainly there will be enough frocks on view and in magazines to rival the runways of the Big Four ready-to-wear cities, but even better: here we get runway to reality, not just runway.”

Read it here.

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