The FT talks to Victoria Beckham, The Talks talks to Frances Ford Coppola, and we talk to two beautiful winged creatures otherwise known as Doutzen Kroes and Lindsay Ellingson. All that talking done, it’s time for you to do some reading.

After the break, a link round up of 5 weekend reads.

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Victoria Beckham, fashion designer

From pop star to fashion designer: with her latest collection showing at New York fashion week, the FT picks the perfect time to chat to Victoria Beckham.

“From the beginning I didn’t want people to confuse Victoria Beckham the brand with the surname Beckham. I wasn’t just going to throw money at it.”

Read it here.

An American in Paris

Celebrating 15 years of Marc Jacobs’ reign at Louis Vuitton.

“When news of Jacobs’ appointment at Louis Vuitton broke, it was by no means unanimously well received. Coming hot on the heels of John Galliano’s move to Dior and Alexander McQueen’s to Givenchy it raised eyebrows throughout the French fashion establishment. None of these names were native to that country, after all, and Jacobs’ position was perhaps the most extraordinary. He was a fashion designer, after all, and Louis Vuitton had never staged a show or featured anything but luggage and bags.”

Read it here.

Lines of beauty: Piet Mondrian

Why fashion loves taking inspiration from the graphic shapes of Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian.

“This is certainly true for the purveyors of this season’s sporty looks, which depend heavily on geometric colour blocking, whether it be Christopher Raeburn’s stylish multicoloured parka or Alexander Wang’s wetsuit-inspired scuba dresses. As Ruth Runberg, buying director at Browns, says, ‘No woman aims to appear as if she’s just stepped out of the athletic field, so the sport details from the spring runways are softened by geometric patterning.'”

Read it here.

A talk with Frances Ford Coppola

Frances Ford Coppola talks about money, success, and why making movies – as with any art – must be about doing what you love.

“It’s hard when you ask the audience to go on a different trip than the one they already know. Also, the film industry doesn’t want to finance every movie that aims to be different. They want it to be like Coca-Cola. You get it and it’s Coca-Cola and you drink it and they make it again and again and again and they make good money.”

Read it here.

What love means to an Angel

Earlier in the week we caught up with two world-renowned Victoria’s Secret Angels to find out what love means to them and, of course, how we can all attempt to look as good as they do on Valentines Day.

Miss Kroes, what does love mean to you?

Love is a very big commitment which you feel immediately, and it’s a very strong connection that you have. You can’t explain it, and yet you can have it with anybody – the love that I have for my husband is very different to the love that I have for my son.”

Read the Doutzen Kroes interview here or the Lindsay Ellingson interview here.

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