Talking not to the masters, but to those left behind in the world: Pierre Bergé imagines that Yves Saint Laurent would hate the fashion world today, and Sarah Burton faces the challenges of filling Alexander McQueen’s unimaginably big shoes.

Meanwhile Marc Jacobs fails to pay his models, and wardrobe-cleaning tips abound.

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The Talks: Pierre Bergé

The former CEO of YSL talks about the life and death of Saint Laurent, his legacy, and how the fashion industry has changed.

“Yves retired at the right time and he died at the right time. I am sorry to tell you that, but it is very difficult for me to understand what has happened to the fashion business. It is all a question of money and marketing. We never talk about talent – it’s not the point. We only talk about sales.”

Read it here.

Marc Jacobs doesn’t pay his models

Marc Jacobs comes under fire for a diary by one model detailing all the hours she put in for him… without pay.

“That’s another 14 hours of working just for Jacobs. For her efforts, Hasbrook later booked both the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows. What was she paid for her 23 hours of doing looks, plus her 6-8 hours of working in Jacobs’ two shows? Not one cent. “

Read it here.

An interview with Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton on what it was like to work with McQueen, on the brand, and on the challenges of moving forwards.

“I really think that creating clothes and fashion has to be a statement about how we live and where we live and what’s happening in the world. [Lee Alexander McQueen’s] collections were not just a statement on society, they were a complete statement on his beliefs, but they were also incredibly personal, often autobiographical. They were about what he was going through at the time, what he was feeling.”

Read it here, and you can also view the photoshoot here.

The pending shelf

Unsure of where to begin in getting your curated wardrobe in order? Rebecca Willis has some suggestions.

“Unfortunately, wardrobes obey the basic laws of physics, so until someone invents one with the bigger-inside-than-out properties of the Tardis, anyone who loves clothes will eventually reach a point where theirs is well and truly full… You can go to ikea and buy as many clever storage solutions as you like, but in the end you will have to face up to it: the time has come to chuck out some clothes.”

Read it here.

On the scent

One woman’s discovery of the joys of perfume criticism, aided by the book Perfumes: The Guide, and on finding a personal scent.

“And then the real fun begins: the reviews. Most writers describe smells so vaguely, badly, or just plain inaccurately that the sheer pleasure of reading a detailed, precise description of a smell comes as a shock.”

Read it here.

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