On our reading list this weekend: what does the future hold for Armani? What does the future hold for Playboy magazine? Remembering the inspiring women who served as secret agents; and the lives of F Scott Fitzgerald and wife Zelda.

After the break: 5 weekend reads.

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The future of Armani

A look at the man behind the brand, Giorgio Armani, and where the brand is headed when it comes time for a successor.

“Few people in the fashion world are as entwined with their brands. In most companies, a creative director designs and an executive manages. Armani does both.”

Read it here.

Women of the SOE

Remembering female special agents from the Second World War.

“There was Christine Granville… She worked with one of SOE’s most successful circuits and, in an extraordinary act of bravery, rescued her circuit leader and two colleagues from the Gestapo. A woman of immense charm and courage, Granville became friends after the war with Ian Fleming, himself a wartime intelligence officer. Whether she was the inspiration for Fleming’s first Bond heroine, Vesper Lynd, is a matter of debate; what is certain is that Granville was real, a woman of vivid personality whom no one could forget.”

Read it here.

A tropical brew

Deep in the Brazilian rainforest there is a town built around a church where worshippers drink hallucinogenic tea…

“The experience did not feel at all spiritual. It was the most tormented five hours of my life. When I returned to Rio de Janeiro I was left with a respect for ayahuasca and a faint embarrassment for not having deduced a priori that it is inadvisable for Jews to take hallucinogenic drugs in bizarre jungle churches.

Several years later, I tried again.”

Read it here.

Playboy goes west

When it was founded in 1953 there was nothing else quite like it. But what does the future hold for Playboy magazine – if anything?

“Most of the women wore sweaters and jeans. There were no bunnies. No one was naked.”

Read it here.

Zelda and Scott in Hollywood

The Fitzgeralds remain a point of interest, especially with the release of the new Great Gatsby trailer.

“Zelda was a better artist than a writer. On the Photoplay telegram, she sketched herself, Scott, and two hearts – one heart for each, and the two faces divided by a line of x’s.”

Read it here.

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