April 77 + Domino Records

April 77 is one of my favourite jeans companies. In the past they’ve teamed up with the likes of Gibson, and PETA2 (but I’ll forgive them).

This time they’ve teamed up with the fantastic independent music label Domino who represents one of my favourite artists, The Arctic Monkeys, and also Franz Ferdinand. Together they’ve put together a special face to face limited editions box set including a 12” vinyl, an April 77 ‘Manchester’ Polo (which of course has a pick holder) and a limited edition Domino/April77 guitar pick, cause this pack is only for those who are so rock they make Pete Doherty look like Celine Dion.

The track on the vinyl includes music by Clinic, The Kills, These New Puritans and Franz Ferdinand amongst others. There will only be 440 of these packs in store and they’ll retail at an extremely reasonable ‚Ǩ70 so if you want one you’ll have to hurry into the new April 77 boutique at 49 rue de Saintonge in Paris which unfortunately for me is very far from Melbourne.