Burberry’s message of quality

When it comes to building a curated wardrobe we recommend that its pieces are made up of a mix of high-to-low cost items. While luxury always has a lustre, it is never solely about a price tag. However, it is about quality. Luxury fashion is always quality fashion, yet somewhere along the way the vast majority of us forgot this. We forwent an understanding of what truly makes for quality and instead relied upon the price tag and label alike to communicate the craftsmanship of an item. Yet as many of us have slowly come to realise, price tag and label can be an illusion.

Thus for the person really into fashion, one with a deep appreciation of style, there comes the need for understanding. As consumers we are increasingly demanding to know why one product, whether it’s a handbag or a suit, is better than another. Yet look over the spring 2012 fashion collections currently storming the catwalks and you’ll see there’s much hype over cut and colour, but little to be said about the craft that went into creating each piece. And that’s a crying shame, after all it’s now that we’re all excitedly consuming photos and indulging in reviews of the new collections – lots give us hints as to cloth, but few give us real insight into the quality.

One label obviously approached the season differently.

British label Burberry Prorsum bucked the trend, taking it upon themselves to drive home a message of quality where many others seemed simply satisfied to drive home a message of newness. Of course the question has to be asked as to which is better? Is it better for us to be temporarily excited about what next year has to offer, or it is better for us to have an understanding of the product? I suspect that marketers will tell you one thing, sales managers another. Personally I’d say that understanding is key. Understanding indulges us, proving an item’s worth and giving it cause to sit amongst our curated wardrobe. Newness also indulges us, but I suspect that presenting the world with fresh takes on current fashion trends does just as much for the high street stores who’ll readily copy a catwalk as it does for the fashion houses who originally designed it.

Where others might hope for professional reviews to drive home their message of quality, Burberry took it upon themselves with this video which they streamed online prior to their spring 2012 women’s showing beginning.

It is by no means perfect. It does nothing to communicate the fabrics used or their story. But what it does do is sell you on the craftsmanship that went into the creation of each garment and each accessory. It tells you that each step that was taken to create next season’s collection, an artisan was involved. And they worked carefully, lovingly, painstakingly.

It’s a simple video, but an effective one. One that meets a growing need amongst the fashion forwards to not just love what they’re buying, but to understand it too.

You can watch the video above; and if you haven’t already seen the Burberry Prorsum spring / summer 2012 runway, you can do so by clicking on the thumbnails above.