The nature of the way that is structured is such that it sees us always talk about things relevant to a fashioniser, but seldom about the view we have of the world that makes the editorials and pictorials relevant in the first place. Off hand I can only thing of our curated wardrobe manifesto as a piece that speaks directly about the life and ideals of a fashioniser and little else.

Another piece that speaks directly to the heart of what we’re about is a recently published interview with Daniel P Dykes, this publication’s Editor-in-chief. In it Daniel discusses everything from what is about and who it is for, the loaded topic of Print vs. Online Media, what’s best and what’s sexy.

daniel p dykes interview

As something of a preview, on Daniel says:

We started it in the belief that fashion for the masses would start to become much more of a personal expression. In some ways it always has been: the people ‘in to’ fashion have used it to express something about themselves. But in the not too distant past that was about whacking a great big label across your chest and using it to communicate something on your behalf. I see that as all having changed, that fashion is now not just about saying who you are but about who you are going to be. We use it to communicate about ourselves, and we use it as a part of our journey in life.

You can read the full interview here.

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