Or, rather, how not to let someone else market your fashion label for you.

You see, I continue to be gob smacked as to how little a large majority of Marketing and PR firms know about the Internet.

Take one of the most recent sign-ups to Fashionising as an example.

They’re representing a big client, a fashion label that I have no doubt you’ve heard of and have, at some stage of your life, probably spent money on.

And they’re going about it all wrong.

I can just imagine the pitch this PR firm gave the un-named and un-shamed fashion label.

“We’re going to target social media. That’s where it’s at. And we’ll start off with the fashion social networks and all the fashion blogs.”


But blatant.

The biggest consumers of fashion read and use sites like Fashionising.com not just because they have the biggest disposable income, but also because they’re a part of the Internet generation. Or the switched on generation. Or the generation better known as “Your advertising is far too obvious, and we see right through it.”

And see through it you can, especially when that brand:
1) Signs up an account on this site
2) Makes several posts across the site describing how fantastic the un-named label, how they’re wearing it right now, and where we too can purchase it from.

Because we’re that stupid, and we don’t see through grammar school level marketing techniques.

Treat your target market like idiots and they won’t purchase from you.

Moral of the story; make sure your PR firm is great at what they do, otherwise they’re devaluing your brand. The odds are that handling your PR internally will be better anyway; seldom are PR companies truly passionate about the fashion labels they represent.

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