Sex appeal and Dolce & Gabbana are oft considered to go hand-in-hand, thus in a period where just about every fashion identity is being asked to give their ‘top 5 ways‘, the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar has sat down with designers Dolce & Gabbana and found their top tips for how women can be seductive.

  1. Perfect your underpinnings

    Yes, sheer is in but that needn’t mean wearing something as comparatively revealing as what’s seen on the catwalk. “When we dress the model for a show, first we give them the bra, the satin, the lace. It’s all about respect for the body. You never see a woman from the south of Italy without a bra. Never!”

  2. Always add a heel

    “For me, it is impossible to see a woman in flat shoes.”

  3. Play with androgyny, but remember you’re a woman

    This is about maintaining sensuality and romance, to reach that perfect balance of feminine and masculine. In an era where the 70s fashion gives women’s suits a dominance,  Gabbana says, “you don’t need to lose femininity by wearing a suit.”

  4. Embrace underwear as outerwear

    Lingerie as outerwear mightn’t be a dominant trend at the moment, but it’s always open to interpretation.

  5. Walk tall

    It’s not just men who need a swagger. Dolce says, “When you dress, it isn’t just the body that’s important. It’s the balance of mind and body. Tutto en equilibre!” That equilibrium shows through in the way that a woman carries herself.

  6. Be revealing, but always with confidence

    “It’s not about the skin, it’s the mind. It’s about confidence, but also subtlety. Again, the relationship between mind and body is what’s most important.”

  7. Find what works for you and stick to it

    “When a woman has her style, she knows how to choose what she likes, not what is trendy. When you love what you are wearing, the clothes are alive.”


The tips are an extract from a Dolce & Gabbana feature in the September 2011 edition of Harper’s Bazaar UK and come via.

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