I wasn’t a huge fan of the Hangover Part 2, though I wouldn’t think the film was bad enough to sue over. Oddly that puts me in the minority as the film happens to be a lawsuit magnet. The latest of the complaints has come from Louis Vuitton in reaction to the use of counterfeit luggage carrying their monogram. LVMH would not only like a piece of the movie’s $581 million take but also have the bags replaced with authentic products in the DVD release.

As reported by the Guardian;

A trademark suit against Warner Bros, which was filed yesterday in a New York federal court, suggests the firm has been damaged after Galifianakis’s line, “careful, that is a Louis Vuitton”, became a catchphrase. According to the complaint, rather than sourcing a real Louis Vuitton, producers apparently utilised a knock-off made by the Diophy group of companies, who Vuitton is also suing to prevent it selling its goods in the US. In short, the company claims trademark dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition.

What’s your take, did you spot the fake?


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