Fortunately, the amount of woes in this world are matched only by the number of fantastic groups and organisations working to do something about them. We Don’t Care Inc. can be counted amoung them, set up to get young people involved in local social justice initiatives. Fortunately for us their first project not only raises money for homeless people across Victoria, it also gives Melbournians a great excuse to go out and dig up some pre-loved designer bargains – so mark Saturday the 24 of September, 2011 into your diary with Federation Square as your destination.

I could say more about the upcoming ‘The Fashion Fund’ event with its market of pre-owned designer clothes, its free live entertainment, and its exhibition of emotive short films featuring the stories of homeless people in Victoria. But as well as drawing attention to a good cause, I’d also like to draw attention to how to draw attention to a good cause; because We Don’t Care Inc. have done that so well.

the fashion fund shoot

Yes I’m referring to the above photo shoot, styled by Vass Arvanitis using clothing that will be up for sale on the day. With beautiful photography by James Pipino and fantastic styling by Vass, there are few better ways to both create desire around the fashion and spread the word about the cause then by outputting quality imagery like this. This spreads. It cuts through. And that’s important regardless of whether you’re promoting a brand, a product, or a cause.

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