How does styling impact the career of an up-and-coming male actor? A GQ reporter shadows a Hollywood power-stylist as she dresses Armie Hammer for the SAG awards: and may the best tux win. Also, talking to seasoned British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, talking to Keane Etro, a man’s sartorial journey of self-discovery, and why so many people are living alone.

After the break are five reads worthy of your weekend.

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What You Can Learn from a Hollywood Stylist

Delving into the world of celebrity styling, by way of Hollywood’s up and coming male actors.

“When the actor first arrived, he was dressed like a fog bank, in head-to-toe gray. Now he looks worthy of a commemorative coin. Ilaria finishes and steps away once more, arms folded across her chest. The thesis of her stance is clear: This, she’s saying, is why a man needs a stylist.

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The Talks: Kean Etro

Kean Etro talks about the cultural influences behind the label, his upbringing, and embracing colour:

“The black and everything came with the two World Wars. Look at the Renaissance and how men were dressed – amazing. Look at Venice, I’m thinking of Venice and all the fabrics that came over, that came along from all the journeys. The ladies going crazy in the 17th century. It’s the history of civilization that started to destroy that… You know, industrialization, the wars and everything – the way we live. So it’s really the way we changed our way of life, it’s part of urbanization.”

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Come as you are

The volatile history of menswear, androgyny, and one man’s journey of finding himself – in drop-crotch pants.

” These are days that are full of the promise of what is to come, and nothing feels more appropriate than my drop-crotch pants… I catch glimpses of them in the side panel of a black SUV as I wait at the crosswalk, or in a store window lined with mannequins outfitted in suits and ties. When I see them, they flutter like a wild bird, and inexorably, I’m filled with joy.

I love these pants.”

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Lunch with Alexandra Shulman

Carola Long has lunch with long-serving Vogue UK Editor, Alexandra Shulman, with the discussion turning to ageing gracefully, Vogue’s history, and the state of the print industry.

“I get very angry about the idea of journalism for free,” she says. “In the end you can’t sustain a business where people don’t get paid for their services.”

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Living alone

Begging the question: why are so many Americans living by themselves?

“Few things are less welcome today than protracted solitude—a life style that, for many people, has the taint of loserdom and brings to mind such characters as Ted Kaczynski and Shrek. Does aloneness deserve a less untoward image?”

Read it here.

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