“You have to fight for your work – everybody has to. You have to be able to get knocked down and stand back up. You can’t let it stay on your shoulders.”

Veteran fashion photographer Bruce Weber isn’t just “a weird guy with a camera” – but he doesn’t work hard at being a personality, either. It’s the work that counts.

In an interview with The Talks, Weber discusses the oft sexual nature of his shoots (“I like it that people have a flirtation with life. I think that’s kind of important. I didn’t think my work was about sex so much as I thought it was about desire.”), the importance of always learning (“I just go out on each job and take pictures for myself… Even if a picture is not so good, at least I can go back to bed at night and think: “Wow, did I learn something today?””) and various other gems.

bruce weber by michael murphy

Read the full interview here.

Above photo by Michael Murphy.

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