YSL cigarettes: perfectly packed

There is something visceral in my reaction to the latest redesign of the packaging for YSL cigarettes. My first reaction was to see if the redesign was indeed genuine or some kind of fan art (it’s genuine nor is it recent, just recent to me), while my second was to find out where could I buy them. This is where I should say that I don’t smoke, I am however a fan of great packaging. The crisp black box opening to reveal a gold foil and cigarettes monogrammed with the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house’s cipher simply does it for me. It’s also oh-so-classic, harking back to the days when a good cigarette packet was akin to the packaging of a great scent, and indulging in its contents didn’t force you to become akin to a leper exiled from normal society.

ysl cigarettes

YSL cigarettes, if you weren’t aware, are a licensed product meaning the fashion house that is Yves Saint Laurent isn’t directly involved in manufacturing them. But so often it’s the case that licensed products don’t receive the same care and attention as their ‘in-house’ counterparts, and for a long time that was the case with YSL‘s cigarettes. Frankly, matters of health aside, their previous packaging made them no better or no worse then the competition. And if you’re willing to pay extra for the name, you ought to at least have packaging worth fo the mark up.

yves saint laurent cigarettes via Vivitar 35EF

As for my hunt to find YSL’s cigarette in their new incarnation, my quest has been fruitless so far. And once I do find them, I still shan’t be an advocate of smoking. I will, however, be willing to advocate their use as a prop in any upcoming photo shoots I’m involved in.

Hat tip to stylecaster for the heads up.

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