The cover of the fall 2012 / zero issue of CR, Carine Roitfeld’s forthcoming magazine, has been released along with a number of mock-up layouts from the zero issue.

You can see the cover below, and the mock up photos after the break.

carine roitfeld magazine

Titled CR, at this stage there’s no clarification as to whether the numbering of the preview of CR as a zero issue is indicative of this solely being a mock-up that won’t go to print. Generally, zero issues are something of a ‘demo’ and are used by a publishing team to assess the visual and tactile appeal of a magazine before it goes into full print.

At this stage, the most notable fact about Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine that can be gleaned from the layouts is that it will be pitched as anything but a magazine. Instead CR is being pitched as a Fashion Book, potentially putting it more in the league of print titles such as Purple.

carine roitfeld magazine picture 2

carine roitfeld magazine picture 3

cr magazine

carine roitfeld patti smith
Textual mock up of CR magazine

carine roitfeld patti smith
Patti Smith feature in CR magazine

As we reported on the Carine Roitfeld magazine back in March;

Eyes have never quite left Carine Roitfeld even as she may have left Vogue Paris, and there’s been plenty of speculation as to what projects she’s planning next.

The Cut reports that a magazine is confirmed to be in the pipeline for Roitfeld, with a debut date set for September. The publication’s name hasn’t been released but “she says it’ll be published twice a year and look more like a book than a magazine.”


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