Chanel seizing counterfeit domains

Counterfeits online seems to most of us an insurmountable problem, though don’t tell that to the lawyers acting on the behalf of Chanel. In a recent court ruling obtained by the fashion giant a judge has ordered the seizure of several hundred domains on which fake Chanel product is sold.

The judge has also ruled in a much larger and more important ruling that the websites be also removed from all search engines and social media.

As told on Engadget;

It was also decreed that they be stricken from the indices of search engines and social media — including, but not limited to Bing, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. So it seems the federal courts have obtained the ability to order that legal remedy (the de-indexing) be given by companies not party to a lawsuit (Google, et al), though we know of no law granting it such powers. Of course, we can’t know for sure until one of the accused copycat sites decides to lawyer up and fight back.

This is a major ruling in terms of counterfeit availability on the internet – and with other rulings also going against companies such as eBay (with the auction giant forced to pay $61Mn in damages), the question is how liable companies such as Google are for what exists in their index.

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