To all the fans of this summer’s hit song “Blurred Lines”, Emily Ratajkowski is the doe-eyed brunette seen cuddling in bed with Robin Thicke. Although her modeling career began way ahead of 2013, it was her sexy yet utterly endearing appearance in the “Blurred Lines” video that helped Emily finally establish a name in the industry. Easily called one of the top 10 models of the year, Emily Ratajkowski is a true phenomenon.

Taking a closer look at Emily’s career before “Blurred Lines” and immediately after the video was launched, we couldn’t help but put together a best-of collection consisting of the brunette’s best 10 editorials and photo shoots to date. Discover them all after the break and be ready for an avalanche of (NSFW) sexiness.

best shoots of emily ratajkowski

Before “Blurred Lines”

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine, photographed by Tony Duran in “Modern Artisans”.
Emily Ratajkowski’s third appearance in Treats! ( resulted in a collaboration with French furniture house Jean de Merry. The innovative and iconic concept shoot by Tony Duran, represents one of the model’s best projects to date.

See the full shoot here.

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine, photographed by Tony Duran in “The Casting”.
Redefining sexy and the art of nudity altogether, Emily became a Treats! girl in May 2011. Even back then, her flawless body managed to easily stand out.

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine, photographed by Steve Shaw.
By the time Treats! Magazine’s 3rd issue was released, Emily Ratajkowski became the next best thing. Young, beautiful and confident, the brunette specialized in nude portraits turned work of art.

Watch the videos here.

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski for GQ Turkey March 2013, photographed and directed by Tony Kelly.
The behind the scenes video for the GQ Turkey’s shoot with Emily Ratajkowski offers a better insight into the colorful and super-fun pictorial starring the gorgeous brunette.

Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine Issue 2, photographed Tony Duran in “Like It Hot”.
Moody and dramatic, inspired by Bert Stern’s famous “Last Sitting”, this editorial witnessed Emily going from brunette to blonde in trying to channel the ever iconic Marilyn Monroe.

After “Blurred Lines”

Emily Ratajkowski’s Commercial for RadioShack Beats Pill.
Good looking girls, “Blurred Lines” echoing in the wireless speakers and overall a safer, shorter version of the video that helped Emily rise to stardom.
Emily Ratajkowski for Stone Cold Fox Spring 2014 Campaign, directed by Phillip Lopez.
More than just sexy, more than just fashion, the Stone Fox Cold campaign is all about a woman who puts on clothes that make her feel the best version of herself. And it truly came to sight as one of Emily’s best, fully-dressed versions.

Emily Ratajkowski for Galore Magazine, directed by Andrew Kuykendall.
A little wild, a lot more beautiful, Emily Ratajkowski’s free spirit was captured on film for Galore Magazine, turning into one of Emily’s greatest shoots since the new found fame.

Emily Ratajkowski for Rag & Bone DIY Project.
Goofy, charming and irresistible natural, Emily Ratajkowski’s campaign for Rag & Bone is proof enough that the gorgeous brunette is destined for great things. With or without any clothes on.

Emily Ratajkowski for Rag & Bone

Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone.
Fierce, independent, contrasting the boxing ring with her unapologetic beauty, Emily Ratajkowski’s collaboration with Olivia Malone led to one of the brunette stunner’s most stunning photo shoots to date. Hiding behind smoky eyes and a sexy sweat, lies the skin bared beauty everyone fell in love with.

See the full shoot here.

Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone

Top image: Emily Ratajkowski for Treats! Magazine, photographed by Steve Shaw.

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