You know the deal. It’s a new year. You’ll be told that now’s the time to set “resolutions”: to lose weight, to quit smoking, to spend less money or have more success. But we’re going to go against all that and offer up a different view.

Instead, here are 9 goals actually worth having as we enter 2016. And – quite frankly – always.

Love the existing you.

Don’t aim to be perfect. Don’t aim to be a “new you”. Instead, aim simply to improve the existing you. And even more importantly, aim to better love and accept the you that you already have.

The more you love and accept yourself, the more confident you’ll be. And confidence is the most beautiful and most stylish quality of all.

Aim to be healthy – whatever that looks like for you.

Whether you’re skinny, whether you’re curvy, different bodies can be healthy and be beautiful. Being confident and enjoying life is healthy. Having a good attitude to your diet and lifestyle is healthy.

Looking to model instagrams for #fitspo may be a good way to inspire your workout – but it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you if you don’t develop the physique of Gisele Bundchen. Work with what you’ve got, and realise that “healthy” looks different for different people – as does “beautiful”.

Try DIY.

Make more of your own hair and beauty products with natural ingredients from home. Ditch some of the harmful chemicals and have fun with DIY products like your own face masks, hair styling products, and body scrubs.

More: check out this list of 11 hair & beauty products to stop buying and start making.

Be more creative.

And put your work out there fearlessly.

If you’re in the industry, or want to be – whether you’re a designer, a model, a photographer, a makeup artist, whatever – the only way to improve is to keep creating. Be fearless. Ship, publish, submit, collaborate… create the work and put it out there.

Adapt the trends to fit you.

Instead of trying to adapt yourself to fit the fashion trends, adapt the fashion trends to fit you.

Odds are you probably won’t born to look like a god or goddess in every single trend that comes along. Maybe you love the 1970s fashion trend, for example, but slinky lamé plunge-neck gowns aren’t for you. Don’t force it. Pick out the elements that do match your body type and style – maybe you’re better suited to boho maxi-dresses or tailored flares – and go with them.

Be inspired by others, don’t try to be others.

Look to others for inspiration, but don’t compare yourself to them; don’t try to be them. Your style is your style, your look is your look. Draw inspiration but always make things your own. Not because copying someone else is necessarily bad, but because giving something your own spin is what makes it special.

Realise that not everyone is going to like you.

The world is full of people. Some of them will like you, some of them will not. That’s life. Accept that haters gonna hate and, forgive me for resorting to a Taylor Swift lyric, but shake it off.

Someone says something negative about your outfit? Your hair? Your body? The way you dance? That’s their problem, not yours. Be yourself and accept that there’s always going to be some bad with the good. Your power is in how you deal with it.

Spend less on fast fashion.

Be more conscious of buying into fast fashion. Make well thought-out purchases on long-lasting investment pieces. Fast fashion is great for filling in the seasonal gaps, but investing wisely is better long term for both your wardrobe and the world.

Be a better role model.

For your siblings, your school friends, your neighbors, your children, your parents… Do all of the above not just for yourself but to set a good example for those around you.

Happy 2016 – we wish you a brilliant year ahead.

Image: Shutterstock.

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