Ah, September issues, the things we ‘celebrate’ because they’re so much thicker than last year – or is it investors who are doing the celebrating because advertising income has increased? Or not so. After all, these are troubled economic times – few publishers can truly say their numbers are up, and no one can say that their numbers are up on 2007 when, prior to a near-on global recession, advertising figures were at all time highs. Back then Vogue offered up no fewer than 727 pages of advertising (and still charged you for it). This year’s figures aren’t so rosy, but they’re not all bad for everyone.

This year’s advertising figures for the September issues of fashion magazines compared to last year are as follows;

  1. Vogue: 658, up 13%
  2. InStyle: 440, up 2%
  3. Elle: 400, up 12%
  4. Harper’s Bazaar: 360, up 17%
  5. W: 246, down 4%
  6. Marie Claire: 237, up 23%
  7. Vanity Fair: 222, down 2.5%
  8. Glamour: 205, down 16%
  9. GQ: 204, up 5%
  10. People StyleWatch: 185, up 10%
  11. Details: 140, up 20%
  12. Lucky: 136, down 26%
  13. T, The New York Times Style Magazine: 133, slightly up on last year
  14. Allure: 131, up 14%
  15. Esquire: 99, down 20%
  16. Self: 90, down 6%
  17. Shape: 77, down 22%
  18. WSJ. Magazine: 62, slightly up on last year

Via WWD.


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